Sixteen Weeks

As I get ready to press “Publish” on this post, I realize that it seems very whiny and complainy. That was not my intention when I set out to write it. I wanted to write honestly about my pregnancy, and this is what came out. Please know that I am grateful and amazed at what my body can do. I am happy that I am having another child. I just happen to rather despise the whole actually being pregnant thing. It is what it is. With that in mind, read on; 

Every pregnant woman has their “day.” If you’ve ever been pregnant, you know what I’m talking about. I’m not talking about the day that we give birth or the day we hear the heartbeat for the first time or the day the test turns out positive. No, this day is a magical day that comes once every week. It is the day of the week where you wake up, and suddenly you are a week farther along in your pregnancy (okay, technically still just one day more pregnant than the day before, but still). Your pregnancy app on your phone lets you know the size of the baby (always using food references, always), and gives you all sorts of information that will cause you to stress out for the next week about your developing baby. Your day is determined by your due date, and can fall on any day of the week. With Rose our day was Friday. With this pregnancy, our day is Monday. So, according to my due date, I am sixteen weeks pregnant today.

I have to say that announcing that I am pregnant is something that makes me feel really awkward. Especially the second time. Especially when it is so soon after the first. Especially when people are so quick to judge and give their opinion about my developing child, and the child that I already have, and the birth, and the pregnancy, and freaking everything. Seriously. If you don’t already know that people are judgmental and like to think they are right, that they have the solution, and that they think they know what is best for you, just go get knocked up. For real. Everyone has a life plan for you starting the second they give their congratulations or condolences or their “is this a good thing?” or, my personal favorite; “was it planned?” So, yeah, if I could just go ahead and never, ever have to tell anybody I was pregnant ever again, that would be great. I hate the pregnancy announcement thing so much that I suggested to my husband that we don’t tell anybody, and just let them figure it out themselves (at some point I hope they wouldn’t just think I was getting fat). I think he thought I was joking. I wasn’t. So, clearly we didn’t come up with some cutesy idea to tell everybody that I was pregnant. Now everybody knows, so I guess that’s good. Especially since I’m not getting any smaller. Honestly, we haven’t had any too awful reactions… yet. At least nobody has done anything like this:

To be fair, the daughter was kind of dumb if this was how she announced to her Mom she was pregnant, so maybe she had it coming. FACT: the air DOES NOT get you pregnant.

I know that a lot of people looooove taking and posting belly pictures. I am not one of those people. Especially not at this point when my belly is the size of my 24 week pregnant stomach in my first pregnancy. So, I know that is one of the things people want to know and see, but I already feel too self-conscious about it, so it won’t be happening. And spare me the lecture on how pregnancy is beautiful and all that bull. I don’t feel that way and I will not be changing my tune anytime soon, because, for me, pregnancy blows. I could do without the belly stares, and shit that comes along with the growing belly. Don’t even get me started on strangers touching my belly. Although, now that I am started, let me say; FOLKS, YOU ARE NOT TOUCHING A BABY, YOU ARE TOUCHING A GROWN WOMAN’S STOMACH!!! IF YOU WOULDN’T TOUCH THAT PERSON IF THEY WEREN’T PREGNANT DO NOT TOUCH THEM NOW. Seriously, I don’t understand.

Anyway… This was not meant to be a rant and complaint post, but it has veered off the tracks, so let me try to do what I meant to do when I started this post; to give you guys a few pregnancy details.

Due DateSeptember 23, 2013

Cravings/ Aversions: Ha. This one is funny. I feel like I don’t have any real cravings or aversions. Until I am hungry. Then I want exactly what I want, and it is never, ever something we have in our house. Like for real. I never want to eat anything in our house. My days usually go like this; I wake up, take medication so I’m not sick all day, drink coffee, eat eggs and toast for breakfast, eat eggs and toast for lunch, husband gets home, asks what I want for dinner and I say nothing, I contemplate what I want for an hour, decide on something (sandwiches, Chiptole, pho, chili,<—– the usual suspects, etc.), I tell the husband, he laughs and asks if I really can’t eat anything at home, I tell him no, and we go get whatever I want to eat. And then I decide I never want to eat again. Never, ever, ever, ever. Then I repeat the process every single day. So,? Whatever particular thing I have to have at the time the husband gets home from work. And aversions? Apparently everything we have in our refrigerator and cabinets. Except for eggs and toast. I guess I’ve been eating a lot of those, which I really didn’t even realize until now… Also, if possible, I have an aversion to cooking, although I think that this has less to do with pregnancy and more to do with the fact that I just don’t like to cook. Something else that is kind of strange is that my sweet tooth is less intense than my non-pregnant self (and waaaaaay less intense than my pregnant-with-Rose self). In fact, I haven’t craved many sweets (except for a chocolate malt shake I had to have), and barely ate any cake at my sister-in-law’s birthday (which is super-strange; usually I want all the cake with extra frosting).

Emotions: Ummmmm, yeah. I almost named this category ‘Hormones/ Crazy Pregnant Lady.’ I think that pretty much explains that. I am mostly always either pissed off at someone (the person is often a stranger), crying about something, or, briefly, insanely happy. I don’t know why our hormones do this to us when we’re pregnant, but it suck. I’m just unpleasant lately. I’m going to leave it at that.

Food Baby: Apparently the baby is the size of an avocado. I feel conflicted about this because avocado sounds pretty gross. Unless it is in the form of Chipotle guacamole. Then it’s okay. So I’ll just imagine I have 4.5 ounces of guacamole in my womb, okay?

Random: While I have been running and walking some, my ligaments are stretching, and it kills my hips. Plus, I don’t want to push myself too hard while pregnant, so my exercise has been nothing like I like. I want to feel like I’m going to die at the end of a workout or run. I just can’t push myself like that while pregnant (not good for baby or Mama). As a result of my lame workouts I’ve been dreaming about intense workouts. The other night I dreamt I was running a marathon. Then I had a dream I was doing Insanity and ab ripper from P90x. It felt so real, and waking from those dreams is a huge disappointment. I’m weird, and I know it. I also know that when I get the clear to exercise postpartum I will be doing Insanity again.

Sooo. That’s where I am at sixteen weeks pregnant. Not sure if this is interesting or if I’m completely forgetting to talk about something, but that’s all I can think of for now.


Ten Things About My Weekend

* Edit: Just like last Monday, I forgot to give the post a title. Why is this becoming a pattern?

I feel like it should still be the weekend. I guess for some people; the lucky ones that Martin Luther King Day off, it is, but not for us. Since I’m still in weekend mode, here are ten things about my weekend.

1. I ate beans and rice for at least three meals this weekend. So did Rose.

2. Rose’s diapers were pretty ripe, due to #1.

3. Speaking of my dear daughter, she has decided that she will be taking one nap a day instead of two. Darn.

4. I took two, very, very long naps.

5. I only wish I had taken two very, very long runs as well. I did not.

6. I went to Target twice.

7. I went to Costco once.

8. We didn’t do any ‘normal’ grocery shopping. Meals this week will be fun.

9. I stayed up until 11:30 watching SNL. I’m so glad I didn’t stay up later. It was not good.

10. I read 25% of Gone Girl. I think I just reached the part where it gets really interesting. Or else I’m just missing something, since everyone says that they couldn’t put it down.


I wish I did this over the weekend. I didn’t. And I don’t have the guts to. Random…

My Weekend

*Update: Just to prove that I have “Monday brain” I forgot to title this post. Doh. I have now given it the most creative title I could muster. You’re most welcome. 

Good morning. I hope you all had a great weekend. I know I did. It was lazy, and we didn’t do much, so basically, it was perfect. And now. Now it is Monday. And here is how I feel about that:

Also, this:

So, what did we do this weekend? Well, if you’re a college student, or you know, anyone that doesn’t have kids, I suggest you stop reading, because you will be bored out of your skull. If you’re a Mommy or someone like me (even before I had a baby and husband), then read on:

Friday: I got a text from the husband asking if I wanted to go to Costco after he got home from work. You have to understand that going to Costco, for us, is the equivalent of  going bar hopping (is that even a thing?) on a Friday night. We freaking love Costco. It is so much fun. You never know what you’re going to find. Pretty soon I am sure that we will all be outfitted from head to toe in clothes bought at Costco, eating hundred packs of string cheese, while putting away our economy size toilet paper. Also, awesome about Costco? THE SAMPLES. But you already knew that. The best thing ever is that our Costco has gelato at the food bar. I had never seen this before at any other Costco, so my dance that I did the first time I saw this was completely justified. Anyway… we went to Costco, but only bought 36 eggs (which will be gone by this Friday; we’ve already eaten 18), spinach, potatoes, avocados, and I think that’s it? But I’m not really sure. No impulse buys. Two weeks ago we had a major impulse buy of my new camera (yes, honey, it is mine… right?), so we were trying to keep the impulse buys to a minimum. After Costco we went to Vietnamese food to get pho, because in our family pho is the cure for all. Seriously, for everything. And, since Rose was sick we had to go, right? Right.

We’re like this, except with pho.

So, yeah. That was our Friday. It was awesome.

Saturday: Rose and I actually didn’t go anywhere on Saturday. The husband went to Wal Mart and Costco, after making us breakfast. He unclogged our upstairs bath (seriously, that was probably the highlight of my weekend- that thing was driving me cray cray). Rose and I stayed home and watched football (go niners!). Oh, oh, oh!! I forgot to mention one of the most exciting things about the weekend; we had Showtime for free (I just googled if there is a ‘w’ in the channel’s name…), which meant that we watched Weeds, Californication, and Dexter all night. Twas awesome.

Sunday: Rose slept past seven (yesssss!), and I woke up all confused. I was convinced it was Monday. Once I realized it was still the weekend I was so excited I started doing shots. Okay, not really; it was coffee (wouldn’t it be funny if I did, though?). We let the husband sleep in. Rose ate cheerios out of a container while I drank a whole pot of coffee. By the time the husband woke up I was in full on song and dance mode, which, I am sure is what he loves to wake up to. He made us breakfast again (and was even considerate enough to make enough potatoes for breakfast today). I really think Sunday was my favorite day this week. We went to Trader Joe’s (my love, in store form) and Wal Mart (not so much love, but it is useful, I guess). We came home, ate lunch, and Rose went down for a nap. Tim went out to play disc golf, and I went down for a nap as well. Rose napped FOREVER, which meant that I did too. It was AWESOME. We hung out, watched football (no Golden Globes over here… although I may have tried to sneak some in while Tim was doing his fantasy NHL draft), gave Rose dinner, played a bit, and put Rose down to bed. Just in time for my favorite show; Girls. I may have been a little bit abusive to my husband at this point, because in addition to making him watch Girls with me, I told him if he talked that I would punch him in the face. He said one word and I smacked him, just to show I wasn’t kidding. I feel really bad about that. Anyway… We ended the night with the newest episode of Californication, and I had a tortilla with avocado and string cheese for dinner.

And just because it kind of fits with my night (but not really…)

And another Girls reference. Because you can never have too many and Girls was probably the highlight of my whole week. So pathetic.

So… that was our weekend. Now that I’ve written it out, I kinda feel bad for making you read through all of this. Not bad enough that I won’t post it, but bad enough that I feel like I should apologize. The weekend was awesome. The six loads of laundry that are waiting to be folded are not. Sigh. Oh, well, at least I can watch last night’s Downton Abbey (nobody ruin it for me- including those of you that are lucky enough to live in a country that has already aired this season).