There Better Be Blood

I’m super tired, and in a super crappy mood. I haven’t blogged for the last few days because I feel like it would be one giant complaint. Want to know what’s bothering me? Here’s a short list:

1. Freaking leaf blowers. Dumbest invention ever. Seriously. A contraption that BLOWS LEAVES FROM ONE PLACE TO ANOTHER. Stupid. Besides blowing leaves from my yard into the street, they are the loudest freaking thing ever. And the gardeners always come right in the middle of Rose’s naps. And wake her up. I’ve officially renamed them the baby-wakers. They are so sucky. Oh, and my dog hates them too.

2. Sirens. Okay, I really do feel bad about this one. But seriously? They wake Rose up more than those damn leaf blowers. I am so over it. So, people, here’s what I have to say; there better be blood. If I find out it is some punk kid making phone calls, I will track that child down. I don’t know what I will do when I find him (cuz it would be a boy), but yeah… And, I officially don’t really care if someone is going a few miles about the speed limit in front of my house. Wait until they’ve passed. Then turn on your sirens.

That should help eliminate any drama.

Yep. My ‘drama’ is all over Facebook. It’s not even real drama.

You know what you guys? I’m going to stop complaining (for now). I feel like a bad person now. Sorry.


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