A Little Late… 2012

So, I’m sure many of you have already said goodbye to 2012, like, you know, a week ago. Like a normal person. Not me. It has taken me awhile to say goodbye to 2012. Oh, 2012, you were a doozie. Let’s revisit 2012 for a moment, shall we? Let me warn you, I will be insanely honest in this post. Parts of 2012 were awesome. And parts… some parts were just no good. So, let’s start from the top, shall we?

January 2012: I really kicked the New Year off in style. NOT. At thirty-one weeks pregnant, I fell asleep on the couch before the ball even dropped. Perhaps that was a sign? Because I seemed to have my eyes closed to a whole lot of important stuff in 2012, and I think I dropped the ball without even being conscious of doing so. At this time last year, I was nice and pregnant. I was also in my second semester of student teaching, and working about thirty-two hours a week. I would teach from 7:30-3:00, then change into my work clothes, and often work from 3:30 until 12:30. I know I had a few breakdowns, but, like I was reminded over and over in 2012, breakdowns don’t help, and you do what you have to do to get by. I vividly remember having strange feeling while I was teaching, you know, like something was going on with the baby? I just chalked it up to being pregnant, and kept going. Until my doctor appointment in the second week of January, where I found out that those weird symptoms were actually preterm labor. Doh. I was promptly put on bedrest, which, apparently I didn’t understand the meaning of, since I did dishes and took the dog out for a walk… and landed myself in the hospital, where I was given strict instructions that I was only to get out of bed or off the couch to go to the bathroom. Obviously all of this put an end (at least for the moment) to my pursuit of my teaching credential as well as my work. With a whole lot of tears and drama, I withdrew from school, turned my paperwork into work, and put my expanding in bed. The rest of the month involved a whole lot of reading and Netflix. Doctor appointments were always the highlights of my weeks.

February 2012: I continued with bedrest, and completed watching Bones on Netflix; I had discovered the series in my first weeks on bedrest, and my husband and I (mostly I) decided that the baby could only be born once I finished the series. My doctor repeatedly told me that I could have the baby any day, and at the end of every appointment told me that she was sure that I wouldn’t make it until my next one. I was taken off bedrest at 36 weeks, but still told to take it easy. At thirty-seven weeks I was given the go ahead to start moving. Thus began what I now refer to as “project walk it out,” where my mother (or husband, or sisters, or dad, or dog) and myself would find different activities to get that baby out. Let me just state that this is actually NOT a good idea, but my doctor said it was okay to try to get things moving… so we tried. We walked around Target, every mall in the area, Costco, grocery stores, bike paths, and basically everywhere. My days were basically filled with sleep and walking. Oh, and phone calls and texts about the baby; is she here yet? Are you in labor? Valentines Day baby? Leap Day baby? Is she even going to be a February baby? <——- Nope, because:

March 2012: February 29th came and went, and I woke up on March 1st to some contractions… just like every morning for two months. I went about my day as normal, and when my husband asked if I wanted to go to his hockey game that night, I agreed. On the way to his game (about 45 minutes away) the contractions got stronger, but, since I had been having false alarms for months, I thought they would go away. The bumpy ride to the game was TERRIBLE, and when we got to the rink, I told him to go in, and that I would be in in a second. Then, I called my mom. I told her what was happening. She asked if I was timing my contractions. I wasn’t. I started timing them, and lo and behold, the were relatively regular. They were coming about seven minutes apart at that point. I called her back, and told her I would keep timing them. Then, I went in and watched the game. My husband would look over at me during breaks, and I would mouth or hold up fingers to show him what was going on. The contractions were starting to be closer to five minutes apart… but some were only three minutes apart. The drive home was torture. As my husband called his family to tell them that we would be going to the hospital, I insisted that I wasn’t in labor. Even when we got to the hospital, the triage nurses said I didn’t look to be in enough pain… But, I was in labor, and my little Rose was born on March 2nd at 6:13 PM… after a very long labor. The next month is a happy blur of feeding the baby, changing the baby, and watching a whole ton of TV. Oh, and a fun trip to Napa at the end of the month.

April 2012: April was a strange month. I was still in a baby fog, but I returned to work. We were rarely all together as a family (husband worked days, I worked nights). Toward the end of the month, we sat down, and decided that our lifestyle was not benefitting our new little family. With many tears (and, once again, drama) we made the decision to move to Texas, where he would work, and I would stay home for awhile, with the idea that I would go back to school eventually.

May 2012: May was full of packing, lots and lots and lots of tears (hello, I was only a few months postpartum). My husband and his brother drove from California to Texas at the end of the month, and I followed a week later (by plane, thankfully).

June 2012-August 2012: Not the most eventful months for our little family. We lived with my in-laws, which, despite what many expect, was actually a great experience; one which included a lot of wine and ice cream (and was the inspiration for this blog). Sadly, my husband’s family suffered a loss, and difficult family situations during this time

September 2012: We moved into our new home. I felt like I was a “real” stay at home mom, without the help that I had at my in-laws.

October 2012: October began with my birthday, but ended with a sad event. I’ve debated writing anything on the blog, but, I had an ectopic pregnancy, which required surgery. It was sad and very scary. I don’t think there is any need to be embarrassed about it, or feel like it is something to hide, so, there it is. My mother-in-law and husband took good care of me, I had a great doctor, and am happy it was caught in time. The end.

November 2012: We celebrated Thanksgiving at my sister-in-law’s home, at what we referred to as the “sick house Thanksgiving,” since most in attendance were either sick or coming down with something. It was another rough month for my husband’s family, as health issues worsened.

December 2012: My first Christmas away from my family, and Rose’s first Christmas ever. In an effort to make her first Christmas simple and perfect, we celebrated with my husband’s family, and it was just that; simple and perfect… although I could have done without Rose’s insistence at waking up at 5:30 AM (seriously, did she KNOW that Santa came? I don’t get it). New Years Eve was fun, and full of laughter and family. I managed to stay awake to see the ball drop. Sweet. That has to be good luck, no?

So, although 2012 was extremely good to us, it was also trying at times. That is all I have to say about that. The end.



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