The One Where it All Comes Together

You know how sometimes, you are living your life, going about your business, and all that fun stuff? You know; when it is crazy stressful, and you have a million things going on at once, a million tasks to complete, a million thoughts running through your mind? And then, just like that, all those things that you are stressing about just collides, but in, like, a good way? You know, and then everything comes together and works out perfectly, smoothly, and stress free? You know exactly what I’m talking about, right? Yeah, me neither. I wish this could happen, you know, like, once in my life. Maybe if I was relaxed, and able to roll with the punches, this would happen, but, usually, I just end up with a gazillion more things to worry about. So, as you may or may not have gathered from my last post, we are moving, and, gulp, moving day is (well, was) today. And, yes, we did get our keys, but we are so, so far from moving in. So, in addition to worrying about moving, I’m also worrying about:

-Rose has been teething. Actually, she now has a tooth. She had exactly one rough day, and then went back to her normal, happy, agreeable self. She woke up the next day, and had a little nub peeking through her gums. I am torn up about the fact that my little tiny baby has a tooth. Pretty soon she’ll be in school, and then… yep, not going there, actually.

-I had a dream that I had another baby. AHHHHHH. It was scary. Luckily, in the dream, the labor was easy, and ended with the baby just kinda falling onto the ground. Easy peasy, compared to the thirty-six hours of fun that I endured in real life. And, just to avoid confusion, no, I am NOT pregnant now, but I DO want another seven baby someday.

I guess that is really all. The week is pretty busy, full of such difficult activities as going to my first concert since before I was pregnant, Oktoberfest, and, on Saturday, a baby shower. All fun things, but I’ve been so distracted from all the fun that I haven’t gotten much done. Oh, well, maybe it will all come together tomorrow, right? HA. Yeah right.


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