Change, Change, Change…

I hate change. I hate change more than anyone in the history of change has ever hated change. I hate change so much that I almost didn’t vote for Obama and his promise of change in 2008. Just kidding, nothing could have gotten me to vote against Obama, and certainly change wouldn’t get me to vote for that crazy train conducted by McCain/ Palin. So, with the exception of election day 2008, I have never voted for change. I’ve never hoped for it, never embraced it, never been happy about it. As a child, I promised my parents that I would ALWAYS live in my pink room, at the top of the stairs, right by their room. When my family moved, this posed a problem, and somehow, I was coaxed (well, forced) to move with them. And, somehow, I managed to go away to college. And then, to go to college out of state. So, I guess I learned to deal with change, but I still hate it. Just a few months ago, in May, I told my husband that I would be happy to live in our tiny one bedroom apartment FOREVER. As in, I would be happy to live their with our daughter and any other children we might have. I would be happy to live their as we got old. I would be happy to live the life we had been living; earning minimum wage, not utilizing our college degrees, without health insurance, always hoping we wouldn’t have an emergency since we couldn’t afford it. Luckily, my husband has what my mother refers to as “itchy feet.” He loves and embraces change. He seeks out change. In that case, however, he recognized that change was not only something new and exciting, but necessary; a way of changing our lives, and enabling us to provide the best life for our family (at least for the moment). So, we moved from California to Texas for the second time in our life together. And, things really are better than they were. I miss my family in a way I never thought possible. I hate that my daughter doesn’t have my siblings and parents in her daily life. It hurts when I want to spend time with my sisters, and am forced to pick up the phone instead of the car keys. But, overall, things are good. And, they’re getting better. Stay tuned for an announcement tomorrow about a new change that will be taking place soon!


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